Art for the Hungry.

A New Concept of Selling Art: HōRNō

A New Concept of Selling Art: HōRNō

HōRNō _ Art Virtual Gallery has as Philosophy to feed you with Art, that the fact of buying Art goes further, feeding you every day, and we do it from a «showcase» totally «Virtual».


We are the first «Galería de Arte 100% online con Sala de Exposiciones Virtual», and for this, we have created «THE GALLERY», a «exhibition hall», in that other dimension called the «Internet», where periodically (as any physical art gallery does) we will inaugurate Projects of different Artists, where you can see the exhibited works as if you were in a Gallery on site, but permanently 24/7.

The works are available in very Limited and Numbered Editions, and thinking in the adaptability to the different spaces, we offer 5 sizes, with different sizes according to the measures, with the approach that the larger size, greater exclusivity. In this case, we talk about Photography or any Art that is reproduced in Series. Of course, we will have «Unique Pieces» for clients looking for that exclusivity.


The important thing about our Artists is his Art and what feeds us with it, so we hope to offer you Foods that increase your visual appetite constantly. We have a special interest in the Young Artists, giving them the opportunity to show their works, helping them to enter the circle of Art.


We are about to open new Exhibitions, meanwhile you can enjoy the Exhibition «MEMENTO MORI» from the Artist Sintora (, with which we have opened our hall: THE GALLERY…click hear.


We make it easy for our customers the shopping, by not having to register and create an account to make a purchase. To do so HōRNō has all the guarantees for a safe and successful purchase. We have different certifications of good practices in information security, is one of our priorities. Our e-commerce platform has different certifications of best practices, which verify that we follow the most demanding recommendations of the industry to provide you with a shopping experience in a private, wholesome and safe environment.


We remind you that the Works you see in HōRNō You can only find them in our shop.


We look forward to your visit. No invitation required….



Art for the Hungry.