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Art + Fashion in the Exhibition of Angel Ruiz Ruiz

Art + Fashion in the Exhibition of Angel Ruiz Ruiz

In case you had the doubt that Fashion is Art here is an example where you will be solved. Ruiz Ruiz presents two projects: Venus Vere and L’été Papillon, where Color and Beauty are the protagonists. Photographer who began his career in the Fashion sector first working as a Designer and after more than 10 years of experience gave a turn to his career moving to the creation of Images. He told us: “I never had the desire to be a photographer until I realized that I devoured Fashion magazines, I was passionate about Fashion Campaigns and Editorials and I told myself why not to do them myself”.


For Angel, the core of his work revolves around the search for beauty in its many facets and shapes that it may have. For the creation of his projects he usually has references from very different sources such as: past times, masters of painting, music, design, etc.


If you like Fashion, you want to enjoy it and feed yourself with it this is a great opportunity to do so, having the works available in 5 different sizes and in Limited Edition and Numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.


From Horno we recommend this exhibition available 24/7 in our Sala THE GALLERY.