If you are an Artist and want to sell your artworks in Hōrnō:

We welcome all kinds of Artists: Established and Emerging.

You are welcome: Photographer, Illustrator, Painter, Designer, Sculptor… any kind of Artist.



-You can «Exhibit and Sell» your work without having costs.

-We prefer interesting works to curriculum.

-We do not ask for exclusivity as an artist, but yes, in the works you are selling in Horno, as you have seen on our website, we sell Exclusivity.

-Teamwork, we respect the interests of each Artist.

-We advertise your Exhibition and Works without cost to you.

-We take care of all the process of sale and shipment of the works.



-1º Send us an email with a link to your website so we can see your work and assess it.

If you do not have a website, you can send us a PDF with images and explanatory text about you and your work, inspiration and everything that is suitable for a better understanding of it. Make sure that the PDF does not exceed the weight of 3 megas, although it would be preferable to send it to us via WETRANSFER.

You can also send us links to your social media if you feel the need.

They can be unique pieces or works for limited editions.


-2º We will contact you within a maximum of one month with a reply. We always respond.


-3º If we are interested in your artworks, we will indicate you our conditions for working together.


Email us to: