Ruiz Ruiz, is a photographer with a long career in the world of Fashion, before being a photographer, he worked as a Fashion Designer for 12 years in Spain and New York, which gives him a very wide and different vision to other photographers in the sector.

The axis of his work revolves around the search for beauty, creating images with a great visual impact, where creativity is an essential element.

Within this sector, he has carried out numerous projects and collaborations for important publishing houses and fashion brands.

He tells us, that he is moved by the beauty that is created in a Fashion photograph, when there is a perfect fusion between: a good piece of Design, the right Model and an original idea. If in addition the project is supported by the right team of professionals according to that idea (styling, makeup and hairdressing), then the image you get can reach the limit of perfection.

Angel presents two projects: “VENUS VERE” and “L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON”, both starring the model “Anna Marina”, with makeup and hairdressing by “Sandra Garcia”.