Art for the Hungry.


Behind the pseudonym JCOIN hides Jessica Coín, a young illustrator who after completing the Artistic Baccalaureate focused on Makeup and Characterization. After this stage she has redirected her art towards a new path, the Enlightenment. She has made the work “GLUTTONY OF LOVE” expressly for the exhibition ” DE PECCATIS ET MORTE” and has developed it from this text written by herself:

“She was so perfect. Perfect for me. I had everything I was looking for, everything I longed for. We were made for each other. We were soul mates.

I wanted her so much that being on her side was little for me. I needed more …

To feel her inside me, to taste every part of her body. I was hungry. I was hungry for her. I thirsted for her.

I gave her everything I had. I stripped off my body and my soul. I showed myself as I am. The very thought of someone else looking at her and contemplating her face and her beautiful smile terrified me. I couldn’t imagine anyone else touching her.

I was going crazy!

I wasn’t sure if I felt the same way about myself and that made me feel fragile, vulnerable. I wanted you just for me. I didn’t want to share you with anyone.

So I decided to do it and discovered it.

Your heart was beating and it was for me!”