Multidisciplinary artist whose approaches ( although varied) revolve around showing the world of Geishas, their craft and their essence.

Maiko Minarai perceives the Geishas as a living artwork, hence his interest in them. He tells us that in origin the word GEISHA means “Person of the Arts” and in their performances they boast of the mastery of various types of art such as traditional dances, singing, literature, poetry, etc, besides they are experts in playing traditional instruments, dominate the art of conversation and general culture. All this makes them expert entertainers from the 18th century.

In “SMOKE” Maiko represents the “fleetingness of beauty in its ideal world of Geisha”, the passage of time that fades away, slowly, little by little, like smoke, which expands, dilutes and finally disappears.


Maiko Minarai comments: “I wanted to show a Geisha in representation of beauty, which as such is fleeting.. ephemeral”…





  • Tematica: CONCEPTUAL