Art for the Hungry.

Van Der Lak opens a door to their way of seeing photography, not only as images that can transmit beauty or other sensations, but also transmit a direct message.

In «TALK TO ME», his first project exclusively for Hōrnō, words emanate from images, uses the language of Deaf-mute or everyday gestures, makes it universal, and teaches us all the beauty of the act itself.


This artist rescues the Still Life for this project, a type of photography rather forgotten in recent times. He delves into symbolism, as other artists have done in other moments throughout history, to convey messages, sometimes direct and others hidden. These symbolisms cease to be translated over the years, sometimes because their meaning is forgotten and sometimes due to changes in society, in many cases to the evolution of society, education, the way of perceiving religion, politics, etc.

In «TALK TO ME», Viktor Van Der Lak shows us some inanimate objects, to which he gives life transmitting a message, clear and direct in the sign language and in the most everyday and popular language, which we all know. Possibly in the distant future, some of his messages or symbolism will no longer have a translation or interpretation and be forgotten.

Viktor tells us about this project: “I wanted to speak without uttering a word, without a sound, and get to say something.”


Show exclusively at Hōrnō.