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Casa Decor 2020 closed its doors

Casa Decor 2020 closed its doors

This year will be remembered as the strangest edition of all. The health crisis caused the paralysis of the 55th Edition after only two weeks of opening doors.


The best interior design platform, design and trends in Spain, was extended one more month, in the spectacular building that housed it this year, at 21 Velazquez Street. The architect of this House-Palace is José Espelíus Anduaga, built between 1904 and 1907, and located in the heart of the Salamanca district, being one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid. Finally closed its doors last July 5th.


64 rooms created by Interior Designers and Decorators recognized and emerging, together with 110 companies in the sector, have shown the different styles with which we can coexist and inspire for professionals in the sector and anyone interested in the art of decoration and design. Many of the professionals used pieces of art to create their spaces, so once again the perfect fusion and coexistence between both sectors is confirmed.

This year the award to the best room went to Lorna de Santos Studio, for «Topographies of pleasure”, a Living Area, minimalist with surreal touches, and inspired in the Wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept based on the “beauty of Imperfection”, with elements and objects extracted from Nature, sometimes with a rustic or half-finished aspect, and a clear coexistence with art. According to Andrew Juniper, if it conveys spiritual longing and serene melancholy then, it is Wabi-sabi.


All materials used in this Living Area are 100% recycled and they worked with Craft Workshops, to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and the traditional and handmade processes. We fully agree that this space had to be rewarded, one of our favorites at Casa Decor, for transmitting that simplicity, originality and spirituality. Being in this space was like entering your favorite corner, an invitation to calm and the relax.


As in every edition, Casa Decor invites you to dream and feel that our home has to be more than just a place to live.


We are already eager to savor the next edition of Casa Decor.


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"Topografías del placer" de Lorna de Santos Studio.

Premio al mejor espacio de Casa Decor 2020.

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