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“De Peccatis et Morte” the last Exhibition of Gallery Horno

“De Peccatis et Morte” the last Exhibition of Gallery Horno

HōRNō_Online Art Gallery presented last Thursday May 13 the Collective Exhibition entitled “DE PECCATIS ET MORTE”, which translated from Latin means “From Sins and Death”, two themes closely related to each other throughout history and traditions, both religious and profane.


Illustration predominates in the exhibition made entirely Virtual in our room “The Gallery”, by the hand of artists such as Sintora, Jamalamaja, Jcoín, Israel Castro, Sandra Trujillo and Los Pelos del… , where you can also see pieces of Sculpture by Jorge Durán and Jóse Moratalla’s Painting, along with a limited series of photographs by The Red Light Kid.


From HōRNō we always look for new paths and visions through which the Art travels and that is why each artist has had the freedom to navigate the theme from a very personal vision creating a very visual and peculiar exhibition. The Artists have also drawn their own inspiration from the general theme.


You do not hesitate to visit this peculiar Exhibition that will certainly make you rethink the way you see Death and Sins.



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