Art for the Hungry.

Discovering Curators in La Casa Encendida

Discovering Curators in La Casa Encendida

The Casa Encendida, exhibition space of the Fundación  Montemadrid, bets on one of the few programs that allows the introduction of new and young figures in the field of curating based on the exhibition of the participants in the contest. The exhibition of the twentieth edition will be available for your visit until September 19, 2021.


Among the more than fifty candidates, the jury -composed by Elvira Dyangani Ose, Álvaro Rodríquez Fominaya and Sergio Rubira- selected two winning projects: Contemplating an unstable surface and Past-present for an affective context.


The first proposal chooses the gaze as the axis from which the exhibition takes on one meaning or another. Performance, conceptual choreography and cinema are combined by Ignacio de Antonio Antón and Julián Pacomio in a scene that recalls the trends for which the white cube has been betting for forty years.


The second project, devised by the collective Conjuntos Empáticos (formed by Sálvora Feliz, Marta Benito and Noemí Díaz), puts the objective in architecture as a reflection of social reality, pointing to pieces with a special meaning based on their originality or innovation, but in which the end of their construction coincided with their obsolescence, thus denoting the transience of time.



Art for the Hungry.


Text: Beatriz Igea Sanchez.

Photos: Angel Ruíz.


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Inéditos 2021

La Casa Encendida. Madrid

From May 28 to September 2021