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"DE PECCATIS ET MORTE" - Collective Exhibition

*Some works appear in a larger size for correct display.

Participating Artists:


A life to sin.

A world to realize them.


A life to choose.

A world to question.


A life to live.

A Time to run.


Tic. Tac.

Tic. Tac.



Art for the Hungry.


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Hummo presents in exclusive in HōRNō its project “RECONSTRUCTION”, of sculptural and architectural character, an allegory to the capacity of the human being to modify and transform adapting to the environment. The artist sees the human body as an organism that reacts to everything that surrounds it and thus self-modifies itself over time, reconstructs itself and forms a new organism with greater survival capacities.


In a society as changing as the one we have, we only have the adaptation, each individual undergoes a continuous transformation that will modify it to a greater or lesser degree and that will take away its original essence. From the moment we make an act of presence in this chaotic world, our adaptation begins, which will not stop until the end of our days, an adaptation that is not negative, but on the contrary, is what leads nature to find new ways to continue evolving. We are like the clay that is molded and can give rise to a multitude of different forms, in spite of everything remain clay.


Everything that surrounds us affects us: the environment, climatic conditions, society, culture, etc., and causes a reaction-adaptation in us. This reaction-adaptation, “Reconstruction”, leads us to biological adaptations that include genetic, physiological and biochemical processes necessary for this transformation and that allow the survival of the individual, or changes that are reflected at both internal and external levels. The human being lives in this constant RECONSTRUCTION that we do not know where it will take us.


Hummo shows us in these corpo-architectural landscapes that even in spite of the changes in our “original essence”, there is still beauty in the process itself, and that it is nothing more than the Evolution of Life in all its splendor.


Art for the Hungry.



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TAIYŌKŌ STUDIO focuses its work on Naturelooking for new ways and interpretations of it.


In «SHIZEN» shows the connection between two elements: sky and vegetation. Sections, pieces of nature, that need to be extracted like this, into pieces, to extract the messages, that in a broad vision would be diffused or diluted: the connections between the two elements in a minimum expression. Segments of nature that transport us to a moment stopped in time, which connects with our subconscious that in turn seeks to find that beautiful tranquility that at some point in the past captured. Clean and clear images that invite introspection, to see nature as a creative machine, landscapes, textures and shapes in perfect harmony and balance.


Most of the project is in black and white or in the same tonality to bring the concept to the simplest, to the essence: the connection of the different elements. 


Taiyōkō Studio tells us that they are already working on their next project, inspired as always by nature.


Available in 5 different sizes and in Limited Edition and Numbered with Certificate of Authenticity, as always we offer at Horno, so that the works can be enjoyed in different spaces.



Diet highly filled with natural nutrients… pieces of Mother Mass in pure essence.


by Angel Ruiz Ruiz

Ruiz Ruiz, is a photographer with a long career in the world of Fashion, before being a photographer, he worked as a Fashion Designer for 12 years in Spain and New York, which gives him a very wide and different vision of Fashion.


The focus of his work, revolves around the search for beauty, creates images of great visual impact, where creativity is an essential element. Their projects are based on these two pillars: beauty and creativity. He experiments with antagonistic concepts and ideas at first, which he manages to balance and fuse. In his creative process he is not limited to photography but also to the creation of backgrounds and environments. Very in contact with the world of Art, which feeds him constantly of the great referents of the world of art. Within this sector he has carried out countless projects and collaborations for important Publishers and fashion brands.


It presents two projects: “VENUS VERE” and “L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON”, both starring the model “Anna Marina”, with makeup and hairdressing by “Sandra Garcia”.


In “VENUS VERE” the protagonist is Spring, represented as a Venus surrounded by an ecstasy of Nature and Color.


“L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON” is a project inspired by the 60s and the Veruschka model. Geometry and Color in equal parts.


Available in 5 different sizes and in Limited and Numbered Edition, as always we offer at Horno.



Food low in calories and high load of antioxidants.


Although the theme may seem obscure at first sight, “MEMENTO MORI” It’s actually a plea to life. Latin expression meaning “REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL DIE”, which the Artist takes from a cheerful and funny vision and inviting the viewer to remember the inexorability of death, the fleeting nature of life, precisely to enjoy it at all times, and not focus on the superfluous.


The Exposition is obviously related to death, but the reality is that it is part of us, of our vital and human process, and Sintora makes use of it from his peculiar perspective. The artist tells us: “In some cultures it is either denied, not commented on in public and attempted to elude, but in others, it is celebrated in style.”; which does not make his work irreverent.


The Gallery is inaugurated with this project in which the Andalusian Artist plays with the reinterpretation and imitation of iconic images of famous people: Artists, Singers, Fashion Designers, Story Characters… will not leave you indifferent. As we are characterized, the works will be reproduced in Limited, Numbered and Exclusive Editions, only in Hōrnō.


Sintora continues to work on “Memento Mori” and is currently shaping its new website where you can see more clearly its inner world and its image as an Artist.

TALK TO ME by Viktor Van Der Lak

Speaking without uttering a sound is a mute thing. His way of communicating seems like a language made only for a few, however Viktor Van Der Lak makes it universal, planting us in the face «the beauty of the act itself».


As Viktor explained to us, until 1700 A.D. the symbolisms were used in the Still Lifes, which in many cases by the passage of time have ceased to have it, since its meaning has not survived. The photographer rescues and updates this way of making still lifes and does it in the most direct sense possible, by using the Sign Language of the deaf-mute and gestures of everyday life, which will probably change their meaning over the years, as has already happened before.


In “TALK TO ME” the words float around the images, emanate from them, sending messages to the viewer, in some cases of anger, in others of approval, of love, of power… reminding us that communication is also the fruit of art and they feed each other. The hands, a part of the body that we normally use for everything, are our tools and to which we do not pay special attention, they happen to look like something extremely useful, delicate and beautiful.


Viktor told about his project: “I wanted to speak without uttering a word, without a sound, and get to say something.”.


Our room “The Gallery”, gives an overview of the artist’s work showing different sizes of the same. Thus, we remind customers that they have several options of the works, allowing adaptation to different spaces, as Hōrnō usually offers.