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Give time to our time at the Centre Pompidou in Malaga

Give time to our time at the Centre Pompidou in Malaga

The Centre Pompidou Málaga, from 07 April of this year until 15 October 2023, hosts the exhibition “A time of its own. To free oneself from the bonds of the everyday”, which has been curated by Valentina Moimas and has as its generator concept the invitation to the viewer to make a deep reflection on his personal relationship with time.


For this purpose a progressive tour has been established of six parts: leisure time, vacation time, introspection time, interstices time, interior time and confrontation time, in which 114 works, between paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations that are part of the permanent collections of the Musée national d’art moderne at the Centre Pompidou Málaga, dialogue directly with the visitor.


The exhibition features pieces by artists from different eras, ranging from the early twentieth century to the present day, including names such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Jean Arp, Fernand Léger, Martin Parr, Max Ernst, Martha Rosler, Billie Zangewa, Carla Accardi, Franck Martine and Andre Derain, among many others. Without a doubt this exhibition is an excellent excuse to go to the Centre Pompidou in Malaga and enjoy your own time with art. For further information:

Art for the Hungry.


Text: Guillermo Gonzalez Rivas.

Photos: Centre Pompidou.


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A TIME OF YOUR OWN. Free yourself from the bonds of everyday life.

Centre Pompidou

Until October, 15 - 2023


Joan Miró, Bañista, otoño 1924, Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/Bertrand Prévost/Dist. RMN-GP © Successió Miró 2022


Henri Matisse. Lectora sobre fondo negro,1939, detalle. Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/Philippe Migeat/Dist. RMN-GP. © Succession H. Matisse/ VEGAP/ 2022


Franck Martine, Residencia de ancianos, Ivry-sur-Seine, 1975, Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI/Bertrand Prévost/Dist. RMN-GP


Carla Accardi, Triple tienda de campaña, 1969 – 1971, Centre Pompidou/Musée national d’art moderne / Centre de création industrielle/Dist. RMN-GP

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