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Guide to know how to buy a piece of art

Guide to know how to buy a piece of art

Buying a canvas, a photograph or a sculpture nowadays is no longer a luxury, but is available to virtually anyone. To the multiplicity of physical platforms and channels (galleries, antique markets, fairs, artists’ studios…) has been added the online trade, which already allows millions of internet users to acquire artistic pieces instantly, and without always having to rely on a high budget.


Members of the HōRNō Gallery are passionate about art and know how complicated it can be to find the ideal piece. If you are thinking of acquiring a piece of art, and you don’t know which one to choose in this guide we provide you with a brief guide on the factors you should take into account.


First of all, you have to establish the objective that the work is going to accomplish, the why you are going to buy it; do you want it as decoration, for collecting purposes, as an investment or is it a gift?


Investing in art is one of the most complicated options. If this is the case for you, you should start by making a detailed study of both the work, the artist who made it and the local and international art market. Factors such as the originality of the piece itself and the style of the artist must be taken into account and how the figure of the author is valued, is it an artifice who is trading upwards, an award-winning and recognized artist or a new painter who just started his artistic career?


-If your main goal is to collect depends on your budget which you can choose for more established artists or bet on emerging talent, and choose artistic works that break with current trends and make your personal bet on that particular artist, but on a personal level always feel like it’s going to be part of your daily diet.


-If your goal is to fulfill a more hedonistic purpose, and you are looking to decorate your own home or simply delight in a unique piece, the options are almost endless. We always recommend that you find a piece that you identify with, that you can connect with, and that means something special to you, either because you relive an emotion or the memory of a place or because of a connection with the piece or with the style of the artist. Finding the right artwork can be like a love at first sight (something you never forget); the piece must speak to you, inspire you, make you dream and feed your soul.


When choosing the ideal work, the space where it is to be located must be clear: for closed spaces the ideal can often be a canvas or a photograph, while for more open spaces or spacious rooms a sculpture can build the space better. Although this will depend a lot on tastes, styles and trends of the moment. The pieces of art always have an important relationship with the environment that surrounds them, because of that we must think very well which space of the house is the most suitable and how much exactly will occupy the piece (know the exact measurements).


The living room is the ideal space to present the artistic objects you possess to guests. If you opt for large squares take into consideration that these will become the focal point of the room that contains them. On the other hand, the smaller-sized paintings enhance when grouped together to be perceived as a unit, always ensuring that they complement each other thanks to the colour range, the authorship of the artist or the theme represented. The piece you choose will define the personality of the room so consider whether you want a more discreet minimalist painting, a photograph of nature that inspires serenity and harmony or a daring abstract installation that floods the entire space. A suitable height to hang a photograph or picture is usually about 1.5 meters from the floor, so that it is at eye level, but that can several according to your preferences and available space.


If it is the bedroom, a space of relaxation and rest, we recommend large format pieces, marking a closer connection with the people who sleep there; it can be a canvas of a landscape, a photograph… pieces that invite relaxation.


Another important factor to consider before trying to acquire a piece of art is the price we are willing to pay (it is important to set a limit to spend). It is worth mentioning that the price of a work does not determine its quality; artists like Van Gogh or Henry Darger were not appreciated in their time and now critics and the art market praise the work they did, whose current value is almost incalculable.


Finally, we advise, although it will depend on the type of work, to keep the works framed (since the frames provide an essential protection for the work) and protected behind a glass methacrylate (which serves against UV radiation, dust and other external agents). It is important to choose a frame in a color that enhances the piece, keeping in mind that artworks and frames should always complement each other.


From Horno we hope to have helped you in the step of buying the artwork that best suits your diet and when you have it to feed you for a long time.



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Text: Iustinian Bolohan.

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