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Horno introduces us into the world of dreams with SOMNIA SUNT SOMNIA

Horno introduces us into the world of dreams with SOMNIA SUNT SOMNIA

Hōrnō Online Art Gallery presents the collective exhibition “Somnia sunt Somnia”, in which the world of dreams takes centre stage and becomes the guiding thread that weaves the plot of this particular show, in which you can observe different artistic styles and techniques, ranging from figurative illustrations with surrealist overtones, photographs and photographic collages, to acrylic and oil works with a more abstract line.


“Somnia sunt Somnia” is composed entirely of works by emerging artists with great creative potential that becomes latent in the pieces selected for the exhibition, such as “Hipersomnia (Self-Portrait)” by the artist Sintora, “The Dream” by Jamalamaja, “Mujertruz” by Darina Gráfica, “Day 1” by Jaqueline Vanek, “Cuesta Del Cielo-After Rubens” by Rodrigo de Brujas, “Dreams” by Sandra Trujillo, “Alizée & Cocó” by Israel Castro, “Underwater Love” by José Moratalla, “Deer Galaxy” by Red Light Kid, and “Elio” by Salva Jiménez, among others. The exhibition allows us to perceive part of its work from our screens, through a balanced and sober proposal, according to the most current exhibition trends; and added to that, it also lets us get in touch with these artists, and interact with them through their social networks. is a non-profit online gallery, which was born with the mission of giving new creators an opportunity to spread their work and enter the art market. It is a window that gives room to emerging artists with a fresh and independent proposal, promoting their works through individual and collective online exhibitions, as well as through other cultural activities.


Although the gallery was founded in Madrid, since its inception it has maintained a global character, welcoming artists from different parts of Spain, but also from the rest of Europe and the world, as can be seen in the exhibition to which we refer. To visit this interesting exhibition and learn more about the work developed by Hōrnō Art Virtual Gallery:

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Text: Guillermo Gonzalez Rivas.

Photo: from the Virtual Room: THE GALLERY of HōRNō


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Somnia sunt Somnia

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