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“I am Just Here”: between the absurdity and the mundane of Mark Whalen

“I am Just Here”: between the absurdity and the mundane of Mark Whalen

CAC - Málaga Contemporary Art Centre

Until November 28, 2021

The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) of Malaga presents until November 28 “I am Just Here”, the first solo exhibition of the artist Mark Whalen in Spain.


In this exhibition, curated by Patricia Bueno del Río, the Australian artist brings together a total of 22 unpublished works in which sculpture stands out as a dominant element. Made during this year by the artist in his studio in Los Angeles using 3D printers, airbrushes and materials such as polyurethane and aluminum, the pieces stand out for their ambiguous shapes, the matt and chrome finishes and the intensity of their colors. Whalen’s sculptural beings complement and fuse with such ordinary objects as pens, gloves or candles to shape magnificent plasticized creations that claim acceptance of our own personal anguish.


The title of the exhibition, “I am Just Here”, refers to the recognition of the individual in relation to the world in which he lives. Through the expressive figures that are connected with everyday objects, the artist manages to stage a true cartography of reality, in which it is intended to make the viewer reflect on life but also to raise funny enigmas.


Among the three-dimensional beings of fluid gender that Whalen exhibits we can highlight Hustle, piece in which you can appreciate a human head being penetrated and altered by a set of pencils, or his iconic two-dimensional sculptures denominated as wall reliefs.



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Text: Iustinian Bolohan.

Photos: Goko.



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