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James Turrell & the Experimentation with the Light

James Turrell & the Experimentation with the Light

James Turrell. Cherry.

Museo Picasso of Málaga.

To June, 27 2021.

The Museo Picasso of Malaga hosts for a few days the Installation called “Cherry” by the artist James Turrell (1943).


The mathematician, pilot, art historian and psychologist presents in the piece corresponding to the Series “Apertures” a window arranged as a frame, whose interaction with the receiving architecture generates the sensing space (where light takes place) and the visual space (including the viewer). In it is perceived the concern to present light, not as a means and object, but as an autonomous entity charged with power, whose manipulation endows us with infinite possibilities and interpretations.


Cherry is described as a piece of immersive and spiritual character, where the authorship is unimportant and the medium used seems to have no origin or end, being the only thing remarkable its influence on our perception, becoming comparable with the effects of some psychotropics.


The career of James Turrell reaches its climax with Roden Crater, a laboratory of light experimentation still under construction, erected on top of a volcano owned by the artist. The qualities of this geographical space are articulated in dialogue with the author’s vast knowledge, creating a unique piece in its hypnotic and reflective capacity.



Art for the Hungry.


Text: Beatriz Igea Sanchez.

Photos: Museo Picasso Málaga

Silueta de dos personas viendo la Instalación de color Rojo llamada Cherry del artista James Turrell en la Exposición del Museo Picasso Málaga 2021