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Liam Young’s Transformation and Redefinition of Cities

Liam Young’s Transformation and Redefinition of Cities

The exhibition spaces of the Fundación Telefónica in Madrid are open to the public to offer the exhibition “Liam Young. Build Worlds”, which can be visited until November 20, 2022. This exhibition aims to make a tour of some of the most outstanding works of this artist through an exhibition proposal composed of video installations.


Liam Young is an Australian artist who has gained international recognition thanks to his peculiar vision of the future, which he shares through videos in which he explores different conceptions of what could be the cities of tomorrow. And it is that, although Young has a training as an architect, his work focuses on the audiovisual production of narratives about imaginary futuristic worlds, in which architectural design exceeds the limits of what is possible to create fantastic cities, in which the human being lives in harmony with nature, but without renouncing the most advanced technology.


To make these videos, Young uses autonomous drones, laser scanner and sophisticated digital design platforms and animation software with which, in collaboration with a team of technical experts, manages to give them the visual power that catches those who observe them.


This specific exhibition allows us to observe six videos that tell six different stories about six possible future cities, in addition to some models and some of the costumes used in the production of them. Among these videos, “Planet City” stands out, a window to a hypothetical global megacity, surrounded by an immense primeval forest, in which all humanity lives. This city is made up of tall buildings that share the urban fabric along with crops optimized by LED lamps, which act as synthetic suns, and in it people live together with robots and machines guided by artificial intelligence.


Undoubtedly this exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to know the work of this artist, which has become a means to reflect on the future of cities, as well as on our relationship with the planet. Free admission, without reservation.


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Text: Guillermo Gonzalez Rivas.

Photo: Video frame: “Liam Young. Build Worlds” (Teaser) from YouTube’s Epacio Fundación Telefónica Channel.


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Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Until November, 22 - 2022

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