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Maiko Minarai shows smoke

Maiko Minarai shows smoke


"SMOKE" by Maiko Minarai

Opening: Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 19:00

HōRNō will open the first solo exhibition by Maiko Minarai, called “SMOKE”, a display of subtlety.


“SMOKE” is a project that consists of a series of nine photographs in which Maiko focuses the work around the “beauty”and Minarai wants to show us the fleeting nature of it in a ideal world of Geishas, the passage of time that is fading away, slowly, little by little, like the smoke, which expands, dilutes and finally disappears.


Maiko Minarai’s photography not only shows the world of the Geisha, it goes beyond the visual sensation and shows the subtlety, delicacy and spirituality that surrounds these entertainers.


The work will be reproduced in a limited edition and signed with a certificate of authenticity as is customary in our gallery. The finish of the reproductions is completely matte on a Hahnemühle 100% cotton paper.


We hope to see you on the Front Row at 7:00 o´clock on Thursday, November 18.



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