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Manuel Viola exposes the endless journey of a divided society

Manuel Viola exposes the endless journey of a divided society

"Caged Freedom, Way Nowhere" by Manuel Viola.

CAC - Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga.

Until December 12, 2021

«Every day, millions of citizens roam India, from one end of it to the other, freely. The railway network is the second largest in the world. In all seasons people, in subhuman conditions, are present and can be seen closely the harshness of this situation. Their archaic caste system does not allow them to be equal, but they travel together, seeking to improve their world, their day to day, their life cycle, and their illusions; from season to season, on a journey to nowhere.»

Manuel Viola.

These words come from the Spanish photographer and doctor Manuel Viola, creator of the exhibition “Freedom caged, road to nowhere”, which can be seen in the rooms of the CAC Málaga – La Coracha until December 12.


The exhibition curated by Victoria Abón brings together 72 black & white snapshots that the artist of Sevillian origin made between 2010 and 2018, in the course of his various journeys through India. Viola portrays in his images a Hindu society that has been fragmented for more than two millennia by a cruel and discriminatory caste system, but that finds in the train stations a crucial point of coexistence.


In this exhibition project, photography serves as a means of denouncing and making visible the diverse and extreme situations experienced by Indian citizens; the mundane reality of a country saturated with its own individuals is perceived. Through his portraits, the author tells us stories of wealth and poverty, always from a respectful, empathetic and complicit look with the people photographed.


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Text: Iustinian Bolohan.

Exhibition Photos: Angel Ruiz Ruiz.


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