Art for the Hungry.



First, we have to explain that HōRNō means in spanish language: “OVEN”.


HōRNō opens its doors to offer a basic need good: FOOD, food for the eyes, because a human being doesn’t just live of food for the body but you need food for senses.


We are here just for that, to enhance and satisfy your appetite.



We have created a vision on how to feed of the various ways in which Art manifests itself. Our philosophy focuses on three pillars: giving the opportunity to Emerging Artists to participate in both individual and collective exhibitions, at zero cost and thus take steps towards the diffusion of their art in the market.


HōRNō is an apolitical, non-religious & asexual space, free and without limitations of any kind because we make room for all kinds of artistic works, because otherwise Art would cease to be Art.


Our shelves are bursting with food fresh from the art kitchen, seasoned, kneaded and baked for your enjoyment (to stimulate your senses), our food is suitable for all kind of diets…..visual ones.



Art for the hungry.