First, we have to explain that HōRNō means in spanish language: “OVEN”.


HōRNō opens its doors to offer a basic need good: FOOD, food for the eyes, because a human being doesn’t just live of food for the body but you need food for senses.We are here just for that, to enhance and satisfy your appetite for ART.



We have created a different vision on how to feed of the various ways in which art manifests itself, but we are going to concentrate on photography and the many ways it manifests.


Our philosophy focuses on three pillars: Collect or Decorate with Art, offer options in different sizes of Limited, Numbered and Exclusive Editions and so provide access to a wider audience enjoying the work, increasing the number of copies in different sizes and prices, preserving the same quality of the piece, always in very small series. In addition, having unique works.


We embrace a wide variety of artists, welcoming new talents, keeping our eyes peeled to new trends and ideas, offering always high levels of quality so the artists keep feeding in us with their work.


Our shelves are bursting with food fresh from the art kitchen, seasoned, kneaded and baked for your enjoyment (to stimulate your senses), our food is suitable for all kind of diets…..visual ones.



Art for the hungry.