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“Reconstruction” by Hummo: an allegory to Human Evolution

“Reconstruction” by Hummo: an allegory to Human Evolution

Hummo, the pseudonym that use this artist, presents RECONSTRUCTION in our virtual room “The Gallery”, an interesting project halfway between artistic photography and 3D design.


RECONSTRUCTION shows us the act by which the human body adapts to the environment, an allegory of the process of the evolution of the human being, an adaptation to the environment that began at the very moment of the birth of the human being.


Hummo shows us in these corpo-architectural landscapes that even in spite of these changes in our “original essence”, there is still beauty in the process itself, and that is nothing more than the Evolution of Life in all its splendor.


We open the Exhibition on Thursday 15 at 19:00 of 2021.



Everyone hungry for Art is invited.