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TALK TO ME…VIKTOR! New Exhibition at “The Gallery”
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TALK TO ME…VIKTOR! New Exhibition at “The Gallery”

This week we opened Exhibition, we already wanted to hang in THE GALLERY the work of “Viktor Van Der Lak”.


“TALK TO ME” is a project made by the artist exclusively for Hōrnō, where words and symbolism are the protagonists, float in the air, are ethereal.


The Still Life until 1700 used to have many symbolisms, very related to religion and allegories, according to the pieces represented in the work. Viktor recovers it in this project, giving this branch of Art a new perspective, rescuing this type of photography that was a bit lost in recent years. It captures the magic of these symbolisms and updates them to our time.


Viktor tells us about this project: “I wanted to speak without uttering a word, without a sound, and get to say something.”


It will be waiting for you in our online gallery “THE GALLERY”, the first art gallery with Openings and Exhibitions totally in a Virtual way.


From Thursday October 8, 2020 at 19:00.



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