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The “Inéditos” return to La Casa Encendida

The “Inéditos” return to La Casa Encendida

INÉDITOS returns to La Casa Encendida in its 19th edition, this time with two projects by two young curators: Raquel G. Ibáñez (Madrid, 1989) and Núria Montclús (Barcelona, 1985).


Inéditos is an exhibition whose purpose is to project the works of young curators under 35, helping them to make their first exhibition. It has managed to boost the trajectory of both curators and artists and other professionals in the sector.


The Exhibition is divided into two sections:

1-“These are things that never happened, although they have always existed”, by Raquel G. Ibáñez. Located in Room D, it invites us to navigate dreams as an act of consciousness and see it as something more than a process of the human body as it self-perpetuates. Consciousness is free to generate and create worlds where the limits erase, creating spaces and sensations, inspired by the reality that everyone lives. The exhibited works immerse you in this universe, many of them evolve and transform according to the moment you observe them or as the Exhibition advances in time.


The artists participating in this project are: Carla Andrade, Maru Calva, Timothy Hyunsoo Lee, Cristina Mejías, Jorge Mirón, Clara Moreno Cela, Daniel Moreno Roldán and Aldo Urbano, Lorraine Rodríguez, Manuel Rodríguez, María Salgado and Leonor Serrano Rivas.


2-“La Cosa del Pantano: crítica(s) y poética(s) desde la aberración”, by Núria Montclús. This project presented in Room E explores the relationship between man and nature and how artistic creations are altered or affected in their expressiveness.

Núria is part of a comic book (The Swamp Thing) as a concept, transporting it to our time, where Doctor Alec Holland after an explosion in his laboratory is reborn as an aberration of nature, a mixture of vegetable-humanoid with consciousness and fight for the environment.

It establishes a parallel between nature and the struggle for the conservation of the environment from an artistic perspective. Sometimes the artist’s vision invites you to reflect and in others it seeks more the beauty of the fusion between nature and the future inviting reflection.

The artists that converge in this project are: Barbara Fluxá, Maria Thereza Alves, Luna Bengoechea, Elena Bajo, Joaquín Fargas, Lara Fluxà, Basim Magdy and Joana Moll.


Feed yourself with Nature, Fantasy and Art in the same dish.


Until January 10, 2021.