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The Museo del Prado and its Reunited are extended

The Museo del Prado and its Reunited are extended

The Museo Nacional del Prado extends by almost a month its «Reunited», and offers us a new perspective to see the great masterpieces it houses.


Alarga la fecha del 13 de Septiembre el 29 de Noviembre, recolocando a muchas de estas obras (más de 190 piezas) donde antaño estaban, cuando el Museo abrió por primera vez sus puertas y delimitando el espacio expositivo alrededor de la Galería Central y sus salas anexas. Esta maravillosa Galería inundada de luz natural te sorprenderá paso a paso, tanto si la has visitado antes como si es la primera vez que la pisas.


Surprising dialogues have been created between works, showing comparisons on themes or bringing together works by artists who have not been together before, such as seeing in Room XII «Las Meninas» and «Las Hilanderas» of Velazquez, to the Saturn of Goya and Rubens together or the reception just entered from «El Descendimiento» of Van der Weyden and «La Anunciación» of Fra Angelico, works that will whet your appetite for everything that awaits you.


The capacity of the rooms has been limited to one third of their normal capacity, so that the visit is completely safe. Tickets can be purchased both by your website and at the ticket offices.


The special thing about this Museum is that whenever you go you discover some new work that transports you to another world, and with this Reunited You’ll be fed for a long time.



Don’t forget: Until November 29th…


Art for the Hungry.