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The Show must go on: 30 years without Freddie Mercury

The Show must go on: 30 years without Freddie Mercury

Of course we are not aware of how time passes and it is already 30 years without this artist and his ART.


In HōRNō we are sensitive to all kinds of art and obviously we were not going to leave out one of the arts that most easily connects with our being and feeds us daily. Music has the ability to cheer us up, make us cry, connect with sensations, with memories…etc, and Freddie Mercury did it in its maximum splendor, took us where he wanted and made us flow to the sound of his four octaves of vocal power (was a baritone who sang like a tenor).


Despite the years his music continues to sound current and powerful, just as he felt on stage. A power that few have known how to have.


From HōRNō we invite you to remember a unique and singular artist. We invite you to see some of his performances to feel his energy. And finally we invite you to put one of their songs to continue dancing even if it is in our fantasy under their powerful melody, because even if it is a sad day to remember: the show must go ON!


His art makes us hungry…