Art for the Hungry.

We celebrate International Museum Day

We celebrate International Museum Day

On May 18 we applaud the great work of the Museums, which feed us and complement our Visual diet day by day.


As is customary many Museums celebrate the day by opening their doors for free and with special activities to make it an original day and so make everyone can nourish themselves with their proposals. Spain has, although many are not aware of it, one of the world’s greatest patrimonies in terms of art, history, culture and wealth in general, due in large part to the number of cultures that settled in the Iberian Peninsula and monarchs who to a greater or lesser extent were art lovers and contributed to our having such cultural and artistic wealth. Therefore we invite you to visit some of these niches of art and enjoy it. We no longer have an excuse not to go…


We leave you a list of some of the museums that open their doors for free:

-Museo del Prado – Madrid

-Museo CarmenThyssen – Málaga

-CaixaForum de Madrid- Madrid

-Museo Picasso – Málaga

-Museo Guggenheim – Bilbao

-Museo Reina Sofía- Madrid

-Museo del Romanticismo- Madrid

-Museo Casa Lis – Salamanca

-Centre Pompidou – Málaga

-Museo del Ferrocarril- Madrid

-Museo de Bellas Artes – Sevilla

-Palacio Real de Madrid- Madrid

-Museo de América- Madrid

-Museo del Greco – Toledo

-Museo Nacional de Arte Romano – Mérida

-Museo Thyssen Bornemizsa- Madrid

-Museo Cerralbo- Madrid

-Museo Casa Lis – Salamanca

-Museo de las Artes Decorativas  – Madrid

-Museo Arqueológico Nacional- Madrid

-Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando- Madrid

-Museo Nacional de Antropología- Madrid

-Museo Egipcio – Barcelona


And many more…


On May 21 we remind you that the Night of Museums is celebrated in which many will open their doors also for free.


Art for the Hungry.


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